LOVE AND HIP HOP OR NOT?????????????

Meet Tiffany Sway. A beautiful young lady from New York who was introduced to the world by none other than Richie D, yess Rich Dollars. Before a Jhonni Blaze, Before all these other ladies including Erica Mena (Whom they would actually have a relationship or a "thing" too) there was Tiffany. A hard working Model who fell head over heels for a self proclaimed creep. Love And Hip Hop has turned into this cult like show and following but Tiffany was one of the originals and shes here to stay as a Model and Actress. We want to allow her to tell her side of the story. No filtered, raw and uncut. Ladies and gentlemen here is Tiffany.

Model - @TiffanySway

Photographer @Noxiestudio

Interviewed by Q

Introducing CTE's own WINK LOC. 

You have to be pretty special to be signed to Young Jeezy. So when a Brooklyn native by the name of Wink Loc signed to Young Jeezy, all eyes turned on him. Wink Loc has been riding for Young Jeezy for years. He has been patiently waiting for his turn. Dropping hot mixtape after mixtape, we want to introduce Wink Loc, find out what's his current situation with CTE and what are his future plans. Will he still be screaming IT'S THA WORLD????????

Artist - @WInkLoc
Photographer - @noxiestudio
Styled by @Punkksociety

Interviewed by Q 

A true platform for today's rising Models. 


When our photographer @Chatmanimages told me he knew some of the hottest twins and he shoots them, I was anxious to see exactly what he was talking about. Well upon seeing their images, I knew exactly why he felt that way. These are two beautiful hard working, dedicated and amazing twins. They are from the Bay Area which surprised me even more because we don't have too much break out talent from that area.
When I did the interview with them, they were very open minded, they didnt hold back too much and they are friendly. They have graced the covers of other magazines and seen multiple times on websites like Dynastyseries, and much more. When we asked them to appear on our first cover and they did we were excited. This is history in the making for us. 

Models - @Nvustwins

Photographer - @chatmanimages